Foot Reflexology Massage

Foot Reflexology Massage

Restore Your Well-Being With Our Luxurious Foot Reflexology Massage at Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road

Are you feeling overwhelmed due to the mental and physical demands of daily life? Our luxurious massage spa located on Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai offers a unique service to help restore your well-being – Foot Reflexology massage.

During the Foot Reflexology massage, pressure will be applied on various nerve points located on the feet that correspond to various organs, glands, and systems of the body. This massage technique works to provide deep innervation to the corresponding body parts, and has been found to reduce stress, improve sleep, and boost energy and relaxation.

At our massage spa, our massage therapists are highly trained and experienced professionals who are well aware of the various nerve points of the feet and the right amount of pressure to apply to them. This special massage also makes use of soothing music and calming scents.

Restore your wellness and reduce the impact of daily hustle with our Foot Reflexology massage at our luxurious massage spa in Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road.

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AED 220
60 Minutes
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90 Minutes
AED 400
120 Minutes
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